Monday, September 22, 2014

Chat Room undercover

Chat room sites are a great place for people to find others to abuse. In these sites, people think they can hide behind the Internet and not have to worry about being found out. However , people always tend to slip up and give out some type of personal information. When people are able to avoid these chat room sites, they are able to avoid the bullies and know that they are going to be safe from the bully picking on them.

- Sometimes a chat room site is helpful. For example a home repair forum may have a live chat room available. This is a helpful site and will teach people about home repair. However , if a bully is present on these sites it is easy to report them to a moderator who will remove the bully from the site. Something else is these helpful chat rooms tend to be all about helping other people in completing a project and are not going to be full of bullies like a general chat room.

Talk Only To Friends Who Are Well Known

Chatting online is okay and something that a lot of people do. However , people need to realize if they want to avoid cyber abuse they should chat with people they know online for a long time or friends they know offline. By doing this people are going to be talking to people who they already know or have been friends with online long enough to avoid any type of situation in which they are going to be bullied. Without knowing the people for a long period of time and chatting with them right away, it is easy for people to give out too much information and this can easily lead to them being bullied by the person.

Do Not Post Information That Can Harm Yourself

Posting information is what a lot of people do on the social media websites. This is common and acceptable. However , people should be cautious what they are posting since this could easily lead to them being bullied by other people. However , by taking the time to read what is being posted people can easily avoid the issue of posting something personal and not be picked on about this. Also when people are posting information they need to make sure they are using the right website for what they want to have posted. For example , people need to post updates to the social networking sites, but when doing different searches use the search engines since these are meant for that purpose.

Avoid Any Problematic Websites

Problematic websites are a major issue for a lot of people. Sometimes these sites are identified by the search engines as being a known site for this type of problem, but other times they are not shown as being in this manner. However , people will want to be cautious when they are looking at these websites and figure out which of the websites they want to use and know that these are going to be the best website for them to use and not have to be concerned about the website causing them any problems that are common with the abusive or problematic websites.

If Abuse Is Present Report It To A Moderator Or Adult

Sometimes when people are online they will start to be abused because of the website they are on or a variety of other reasons. When this starts to happen, people need to realize they can report this to an adult or a site moderator. These people are going to be able to contact the proper authorities to get the abuse taken care of, but also if any violent threats are made towards people get the abuser put in jail or another location to avoid them from being able to abuse people again.

- Moderators are going to be able to take care of the problem immediately because they are right on the site. However , sometimes a moderator may not be on the site right away. When they are not online, it is important to leave them a message in their inbox since they will get the information when they sign on. When they do sign on they are able to take care of the problem for people on the website end.

- Contacting an adult is a great idea as well because they can help take care of the problem by digging down more and contacting the moderators themselves or the site administrators. These individuals are able to handle the problems that people are giving others by removing the accounts or even better reporting the abuser to the proper authorities if the abuse is so bad that it could be deemed a crime.

When Abuse Does Happen People Need To Keep The Evidence

Often the abuser is able to get away with what they did because the victim tends to delete what they did. However , this is a mistake that people should avoid since it is going to let the abuser continue to get away with the action. To avoid this problem people need to keep the evidence so they can turn it in as proof against the abuser to the proper authorities.

- When storing the evidence of the abuse, people need to make sure they have a separate text file saved with the date and what the abuse was. By having this saved properly, people can easily find the information as to what the abuser did and how it affected them. However , people will also have this file available should the website need to get the information to prove the abuse really did happen.

Cyber abuse is something that a lot of people have started to report quite a bit often. The problem that a lot of people have is they are not sure how they can stop this abuse or avoid the abuse because they are constantly on the Internet. However , most of the time people will never even realize they are being abused on the Internet because of what is going on. This is when people should know how to avoid cyber abuse and how it can be handled when it does happen to them. Once people have this information, it is going to be easy for them to feel good about what they are doing online and know they will not be injured or abused when they are online and trying to get some work completed.

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